Best Winter Cycling Shoes For Warmer Feet

Your feet are also exposed to the elements because there is little to shield them from the full force of the wind and rain as you ride your bike.

Feet also suffer because they are generally non-fleshy so there is little to keep them warm naturally and they are positioned at the extremities of your body’s circulation system. So, as soon as you get cold at your core, your feet are less likely to get a good boost of warming circulation.

Room to move

You might think that wearing a thicker pair of socks in your normal cycling shoes will help with cold feet but if your toes can’t move about they may well become numb in the cold. It’s important that feet can move about and around a little bit inside your cycling shoes.

Wool for warmth

Merino is a naturally warming fibre (think how sheep stay warm living outdoors) and many people find that merino wool socks, even a thinner pair, such as Endura BaaBaa socks work a treat. Other wool-based favourites for cyclists include the Kalf Winter socks and our colourful, top-rated FWE Coldharbour socks which are made from 50% of the winter wonder material.


View FWE coldharbour Merino Wool Socks


Cycle shoes often have ventilation holes to help feet to breathe in warmer conditions. You can add Windstopper overshoes, such as Gore Bike Wear Universal Windstopper Overshoes, to your summer cycles shoes to keep the worst of the winter wind from your feet.


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